Who are we?

American Alarms was started in the basement of Bill Jacobs in 1983, after a dispute over the best way to treat customers.  Even though he was President and part owner of Midwest Equipment Company, Bill decided that it was just too important to compromise.  With his training in electronics from DM Tech HS and the US Army, Bill had the background to teach anyone with the desire to learn.  We still make decisions today, based on those same original core values and focus on training and the customer experience.  By gradually adding team members that believe the same way, American Alarms has become a leader in user-friendly life safety and security systems.  Every person at American Alarms will work hard to earn your trust and make sure you are happy with your project.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

  • Do the right thing, always.  We will be tempted constantly, for money, to save time, to look like a hero, etc.

  • Be transparent and open 

  • Model what you want from others

  • It’s OK to say “NO”


  • Have goals and work toward them

  • Persist, even when it gets tough

  • Take reasonable risks

  • When you fall down, get back up

Dedicated and reliable

  • Be here physically, mentally, and emotionally every day

  • Be on time and ready to work

  • Deliver what you promise

  • Take responsibility, blame no one

  • Finish what you start

  • Always be improving

Team player

  • You will get out of life what you want, if you help enough people get what they want

  • We all win together, we all learn together

  • Effective teams are more than the sum of their parts

  • The best teams have no superstars, just hard-working people that contribute to the team goal

American Alarms history time line.