• Take Away the Headache with Expert Permitting Project Assistance.

    American Alarms will work with your unique needs to provide a service that is unmatched in the industry.

Building Project Stakeholers

Large project management has enough hurdles to navigate in the building process. American Alarms will take the headache away. Choose your own installer, cut out unnecessary markups and rely on an experienced expert in permitting.

Design Services

American Alarms will design a fully integrated system that leads to full protection of people, property and profit.

Builder Direct

American Alarms will partner directly with builders to implement alarm design and installation.

Final Compliance Testing

SystemSheild by American Alarms is your front of line ticket to code compliant assurance, annual inspections and more.

Local Parts Stock

American Alarms will help source parts for your system and get your service back up and running in no time.