What we do and why it matters...

  • Our Proven Process- the American Way

We follow a specific process with every customer to ensure you get the best service we can offer.  This reduces the chance we'll forget a detail that may be important to you.  Following this process means we may take a few more minutes at each step, but it lets us ensure that your project is clean, professional, and matches your needs.

What is The American Way?  This is how we make sure to always focus on your needs in our daily process.

Here are the steps:

Discovery Meeting - Who are we?  Who are you?  Should we work together at all?  explain the process, discuss immediate needs

Information Gathering - site survey (if needed), product comparisons, estimates, calculations (break-even, ROI, etc), alternates/options

Agreement - putting in writing what we agree to do, and what you agree to do - some of these things may be installation, alarm signal monitoring, service agreements, and cloud services.

Products/Services - taking care of any immediate needs - service call, system installation, replacement parts, new services, etc.

Ongoing support & system updates - we are committed to improving every day and earning you business every time we talk, we'll keep you up to date on code changes, new products and services, and also new features in existing services

Refer Us - We hope you like our service enough to refer us to everyone you know!

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