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When it comes to integrating access control with other systems, American Alarms can do more and still keep it cybersecure.

  • Remote User Management (Secure from anywhere)

  • Camera  System Management (from access dashboard)

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Mobile Electronic Key (No fobs needed)

  • Full Business Integration (HR Software, POS, Visitor Access Software, and more)

   Proudly representing Brivo access control systems.

Frequently Asked Questions - Electronic Access Control

Q: What is access control?

A: This is a way to use electronic credentials to open a door, gate, overhead door, locker/cabinet, safe, or anything with a door/opening.  This allows easy re-keying and management of how people can get into your building, parking, specific rooms, or even a locked cabinet with high-value or restricted materials.

Q: My gym gave me a keychain thing. Is that my key?

A: Most fitness centers, especially if they are open 24 hours, use electronic access control to manage member entry.

Q: Is a fob the only type of key that works on these systems?

A:  No, there are a number of ways to open doors/gates on your system.  A fob is one way.  We can also use ID cards (badges), e-keys that you can store in your mobile device, and biometrics like fingerprint or facial readers.  Systems can also be set up to require multiple credentials (like fob + PIN) for high security areas.

Q: If I have an older access control and I want some updates, how does that work?

A:  Our systems, like our video surveillance, many times only require the head-end equipment to be updated.  Other systems may require more parts to be updated to ensure compatibility. 

Q: I have a visitor management system and time clock software, can that be integrated?

A:  Our systems have many pre-built software integrations, since they have been doing this for longer than anyone.  Give us a few details and we'll check to make sure this integration is already built before you make a decision.

Q: Can video cameras be integrated into this system?

A:  Our systems integrate seamlessly with our video surveillance systems.  They also work with a number of other video systems, we'd just need some specifics to know for sure.

Q: My building has a parking ramp underground. Is that something that can be accessed this way?

A:  We have provided electronic access control on a number of parking ramps.  We can use standard readers and fobs, long-range readers with windshield tags, or even read the license plate with a camera and allow access that way.

Q: I'm an apartment manager and I have residents constantly moving in and out of my buildings. Would this type of system help me do my job?

A:  Apartment managers are one of our most frequent clients.  Electronic key management saves lots of trips to the property (almost always on a weekend) and also allows revoking/removing a key with a click of a button.  Any high-turnover property is a great candidate for electronic access control.

Q: Do your e-keys work with Apple and Android mobile devices?

A:  Yes.  All of our personal credentials and the management app have an Android and Apple version.