Flexible Cloud Access Control - Manage From Anywhere

05/12/22 11:48 AM By admin

Flexible Cloud Access Control - Manage From Anywhere

What if you could delete a user from your access control system, with a touch on your smart phone?

What if you could let the furnace repair tech into the building, without being there?

What if you could add access control where there's not a hard internet connection?

What you had the flexibility of adding access control on doors where wires can't go?

Well...you can have all this and more.  Cellular communication for buildings that weren't planned with internet, or as backup to a hard connection.  Wireless reader/locks for doors that are spread out or wires don't make sense.  Mobile pass credentials (electronic key on phone), when physical keys don't make sense.

Our cloud access systems can handle 2 doors to 200 doors.

Multi-building accounts and multi-site accounts are easily managed in the cloud software.

Unlimited users, with unique permissions for each.

The best cyber security in the industry, from the leader in cloud-based security.

Change older local systems to cloud-based systems without replacing all equipment and wiring.

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