Hikvision under fire for hacked video surveillance

10/07/23 02:18 PM By Adam Jacobs

Why your video surveillance system's cybersecurity is VERY important. 

If you have security cameras in your business, or even your home, you should read this story.  Now is it possible for ANY video surveillance system to get hacked?  Sure.  If a criminal wants to get in, they will eventually find a way in.  But our systems are the most cybersecure of any on the market.  If you have Hikvision cameras and we update your head-end equipment, the system becomes infinitely more secure.  We've done it, and it works.  If you are worried about whether your system is REALLY secure, give us a call.  Read the story here:  https://ipvm.com/reports/cp-sale-hack?&utm_source=Everyone&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2023-7-10-everyone