Is your alarm system really monitored?

22/08/23 12:42 PM By Adam Jacobs

System not monitored (but billed) for over a year

I hear stories about poor service almost every day, but yesterday's takes the cake.  One of our team members talked with a new business owner friend that had been using another alarm company for service and signal monitoring.  After being invoiced for over a year, there was an issue on the fire alarm system.  The business owner talked to the alarm company a number of times, and finally figured out that the "monitoring" she had been paying for was never connected (over a year ago).  What we've learned from 40 years of experience is believing that you are protected is worse than having no protection (and knowing it).  Years ago we implemented safeguards to prevent this very thing:

- Test signals sent every day on all communication paths

- Daily reports from the central station of accounts that missed a daily test

- Follow-up calls with customers to inform them when daily tests are missed

- Continued follow-up calls with customer until the problem is resolved

If you are paying $10 less each month for monitoring that isn't even connected, was it worth it?  We can make sure your alarm signals are reporting and "monitor the monitoring" so to speak, with our safeguard process.  Call us to make sure your alarm system and monitoring is set up correctly.