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Severe Weather and Your Fire Alarm

22/11/22 02:33 PM By admin - Comment(s)

Severe weather is inevitable, and so is the need to ensure that automatic fire alarm systems are restored to full working condition as quickly as possible after the emergency is over. Here are a few tips to help facility managers and authorities having jurisdiction dealing with this issue.

Prolonged ...

Why is NICET important?

14/11/22 03:55 PM By admin - Comment(s)

NICET is the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.  There have been other certifications in alarm technologies, but none as complete and rigorous as the NICET certification programs.  The programs are self-study, so they are a challenge to complete.  We all...

Hotel Fire Alarm Upgrade with Zero Downtime

14/11/22 03:34 PM By admin - Comment(s)

I just finished estimating a new wireless fire alarm system for a 66 room hotel, when it hit me.  We'll be able to make this system change with ZERO downtime on the fire alarm system.  In an existing building, with an existing system, the downtime is always a big concern.  Changing ov...

Flexible cloud access control - manage from anywhere

26/10/22 08:51 AM By admin - Comment(s)

What if you could let the furnace repair tech into the building, without being there?

What if you could add access control where there's not a hard internet connection?

What you had the flexibility of adding access control on doors where wires can't go? can have all this and more.  Cell...