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Wireless Fire Alarm Can Save Money and Headaches for Commercial Property Managers

05/12/22 10:46 AM By admin - Comment(s)

Imagine if you didn't have to interrupt your tenant's business to add a few fire alarm devices in the space next door.

Imagine if there was never a dispute over whose responsibility the fire alarm is.

Imagine if you could add, move, and re-use devices on your fire alarm easily and quickly.

These dreams...

Hotel Fire Alarm Upgrade with Zero Downtime

14/11/22 03:34 PM By admin - Comment(s)

I just finished estimating a new wireless fire alarm system for a 66 room hotel, when it hit me.  We'll be able to make this system change with ZERO downtime on the fire alarm system.  In an existing building, with an existing system, the downtime is always a big concern.  Changing ov...