Ribbon-cutting, open house

29/09/23 01:13 PM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

The year was 1983. The first cell phones, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Mario Brothers were just introduced. American Alarms was barely a dream on a sleepless night.

With a focus on training over the last 40 years, we're doubling-down. Our new Training Center will host classes for electricians, engineers, ...

How to make your fire alarm smarter

26/09/23 11:22 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

Are you tired of hearing your fire alarm panel beeping and then looking at it and only seeing a couple of red or yellow lights?  What if you could get full descriptions of alarming devices?  What if the alerts came right to your mobile device anywhere in the world?  Well now they can....

Is your alarm system really monitored?

22/08/23 12:42 PM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

I hear stories about poor service almost every day, but yesterday's takes the cake.  One of our team members talked with a new business owner friend that had been using another alarm company for service and signal monitoring.  After being invoiced for over a year, there was an...

Potter Signal celebrates 125 years

31/07/23 08:03 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

Potter Signal began when Charles E. Potter found a way to alert the St. Louis fire department of overnight fires with electronic signals.  From their simple start, they've grown to be one of the largest private fire protection manufacturers in the world.  Read more about their history here...

Wireless sprinkler supervision

17/07/23 07:42 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

Potter's SignaLink Bridge has the ability to monitor any dry-contact switch such as tamper or flow switches and transmit their status wirelessly to any fire alarm panel. This can be especially beneficial when monitoring is required on ever changing or temporary sites, such as new construction.