Potter Announces Integrated Voice Network Paging

04/05/23 09:23 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

Potter’s Integrated Voice Network Paging supplies largescale environments with structured paging and live stream voice management.

Building requirements for larger infrastructures, such as campuses, military, and other multi-building sites, require solutions to page to one or multiple independent sys...

Wireless commercial fire alarm systems

12/04/23 07:29 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)
Wireless commercial fire alarm systems

I had another person ask me if there is such a thing as wireless fire alarm systems.  We may be the only company installing them, but YES they are real.  We've been working with these systems for almost 10 years now.  They are not usually an option for new construction projects, becau...

Flexible Cloud Access Control - Manage From Anywhere

05/12/22 11:48 AM By admin - Comment(s)

What if you could delete a user from your access control system, with a touch on your smart phone?

What if you could let the furnace repair tech into the building, without being there?

What if you could add access control where there's not a hard internet connection?

What you had the flexibility of add...

5 Things Facilities Managers Need To Know About Hurricane Clean-up

05/12/22 11:46 AM By admin - Comment(s)

Our friends at NFPA have published an informational article for facility managers who are responsible for the safety in a building.  When that building has just been damaged by a hurricane, their job becomes one hundred times harder.  This article gives some great tips and things to consid...

Commercial Wireless Fire Alarm - The Pros and Cons

05/12/22 11:44 AM By admin - Comment(s)

Wireless fire alarm in a commercial building has had a rocky history.  There were lots of trial and error improvements made, however.  The remaining products are as reliable as wired ones, with all factors considered.


Pros of wireless fire alarm devices:

Allows for more flexibility

No w...