Give your batteries some love, once in a while.

05/12/22 11:41 AM By admin - Comment(s)

Electronic systems usually have backup batteries that take over powering the system when your primary (120VAC) power fails.  This time of year we see it regularly.  When big thunderstorms come through Iowa, the wind and lightning can take out lines, power transformers or even entire substa...

Recycle all of it (Almost)

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At American Alarms, we do our part to reduce the amount of waste we put out into the world.  Here are just a few of the items we re-purpose or recycle:

- Batteries

- Wire and cable

- Circuit boards

- Old CCTV monitors (even CRT)

- Obsolete alarm parts (when a customer upgrades)

- Obsolete CCTV camera...

Cloud Storage and Management for Video Security

05/12/22 11:35 AM By admin - Comment(s)

What does it mean to have video in the "cloud"?  Well, it means you don't have to worry about an on-site DVR failing when you need it most.  It means a professional systems company can remotely trouble-shoot most of your issues without needing to come on site.  It means you ...

What is "intelligibility"?

05/12/22 11:31 AM By admin - Comment(s)

Intelligibility is a word that most people have never used.  Until a few years ago, I'd never heard the word either.  This is a measurement of how "understandable" a fire alarm voice evacuation signal is to the human ear.  To perform a test of intelligibility, we play a spec...

What does it mean to have your alarms monitored?

05/12/22 11:29 AM By admin - Comment(s)

There are literally hundreds of central stations that receive alarm signals in our country.  So what sets them apart?  How do you know yours has what it takes when it really matters?  The Monitoring Association (TMA) is the oldest and most reputable gauge of central station overall pe...

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