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Potter Announces Integrated Voice Network Paging

04/05/23 09:23 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)

Potter’s Integrated Voice Network Paging supplies largescale environments with structured paging and live stream voice management.

Building requirements for larger infrastructures, such as campuses, military, and other multi-building sites, require solutions to page to one or multiple independent sys...

Wireless commercial fire alarm systems

12/04/23 07:29 AM By Adam Jacobs - Comment(s)
Wireless commercial fire alarm systems

I had another person ask me if there is such a thing as wireless fire alarm systems.  We may be the only company installing them, but YES they are real.  We've been working with these systems for almost 10 years now.  They are not usually an option for new construction projects, becau...

Occupational Licensing - Alarm Contractors

22/11/22 02:49 PM By admin - Comment(s)

In the 1950's only 5% of workers in America needed a license to do their job.  Today it's estimated that 19% of all workers in the U.S. need an occupational license.  Workers who install, program, test/inspect, and service fire alarm systems are in that 19%.  For at least the last 10 ...

Addressable fire alarm systems

22/11/22 02:45 PM By admin - Comment(s)

I have people ask me often, what does "addressable" mean?  Well, in fire alarms, there are two basic types - conventional (zoned) systems, and addressable (point ID) systems.  I like to compare the two like taking a vacation in a new city.  Let's say you head out to visit a ...

What are you REALLY saving?

22/11/22 02:42 PM By admin - Comment(s)

I just had a discussion yesterday with our sales director, about a customer who decided to use another fire alarm contractor for a new senior apartment building he built.  We went out to do an annual inspection, since the system is just over a year old.  Our techs found MANY troubles on th...